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D&AD / New Blood 2023 - Graphite Pencil

Barclays -
Face Your Spending

Brief: Barclays aims to simplify money management for people with ADHD.

Background: Buying things on impulse to retrieve dopamine is typical for ADHD, and usually ends up with ignoring the bank account in order to avoid the bad news. Causing expenses to skyrocket. 

But one thing we can’t seem to ignore, is our phones. On average, we check them 344 times per day. 


Solution: Barclays attaches your daily spend to your home screen. A user-friendly tool that moves your spendings from the corner of your bank account to the light of your home screen. Making it easy to keep track of your impulsivity, and impossible to procrastinate checking your bank account.

Art Direction: Amanda Gameel, Isabelle de Susini, Malou Ruotsalainen

Copywriter: Ida Nordeng

  • LinkedIn |  Tel: 0737 702 702

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