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The E-Light System

Cannes Lions / Future Lions 2023 - Shortlist

Brief: Take safety beyond the car and use modern tech to do so.

Background: Despite a quarter of the traffic, half of the most severe accidents occur at night. Making the darkest hours the most dangerous. In the event of an accident, a physical warning triangle is to be placed on the ground. A warning difficult to perceive during the day, and even more so at night. Leading to more severe accidents than the original one. 


Solution: Therefore Volvo reinvents the warning triangle, lifting it off the ground. The e-Light System is the first emergency system using streetlights to detect accidents and signal other drivers.


Through integration with the E-call system in cars, linked to a street lighting controllership, the lights will automatically switch to red upon detecting an accident. Ensuring safer roads and safer nights - for the security of all lives.


Art Director: Amanda Gameel, Linn Löfholm

Copywriter: Ida Nordeng, Jakob Hjulström

3D designer: Noa Carle

  • LinkedIn |  Tel: 0737 702 702

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